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Company law

Company law

Company formation is the process of incorporation of a business. It is also referred to as company registration. Company (corporation, enterprise, organization etc.) is a separate legalentity recognized as a person under the law. Legal entity may be a business entity, a non-profit organization, a state body etc.

Company formation is regulated by Ukrainian Civil Code and Commercial Code, Law on Commercial Companies, Law on Joint-Stock Companies etc. In Ukraine the process of company incorporation is more complicated than in Western Europe or in the USA.
According to Ukrainian legislation, foreign citizens and foreign companies are entitled to incorporate business entities in Ukraine.
We offer full range of legal services in the area of company formation including:
  • advising regarding company formation, reorganization and liquidation;
  • registration of all types of business entities (Private Enterprise, Limited Liability Company, Additional Liability Company, General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Public Joint Stock Company, Private Joint Stock Company etc);
  • registration of private entrepreneurs;
  • registration of company branch offices, representative offices of foreign companies;
  • registration of all types of non-profit organizations (civil society organizations, charitable organizations, condominiums etc);
  • registration of changes in company constitutive documents (change of director, change of the amount of authorized capital, change of types of business activities, change of company name, change of company address etc);
  • reorganization of companies (merger, acquisition, division, reformation etc);
  • liquidation of companies.
Company registration may include next stages:
  • providing legal address (if necessary);
  • drafting of constitutive documents;
  • notarization of constitutive documents;
  • registration in state administration and obtaining of state registration certificate;
  • registration in statistics administration and obtaining statistics certificate;
  • registration in state tax administration and obtaining general tax payer certificate;
  • obtaining certificate of unified tax payer or VAT payer if necessary (opportunity to obtain such documents depends not only on client’s request, but also on provisions of Ukrainian tax law);
  • registration in social insurance funds, pension fund and obtaining certificate of unified social duty payer and insurance certificate;
  • obtaining permission for making seal and stamp; making seal and stamp;
  • opening bank account and submitting notice to the tax administration regarding opening bank account (in line with clients request).
If you have any questions regarding our company formation services, please contact us by phone (+38044) 228-41-90, (+38067) 503-28-30 or via e-mail