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Our lawyers have significant experience of clients’ representation in different categories of disputes (business, tax, land, civil, labor, family, administrative disputes etc.).

That is why we provide full range of services in aeries of pre-trail claim settlement, litigation and executive proceeding. Specifically we offer:
Pre-trail claim settlements:
  • drafting letters of claim, drafting replies on letters of claim;
  • participation in pre-trail claim settlements by conducting negotiations.
Representation of clients in business courts and general courts of first instance, in courts of appeal, in courts of cassation. Representation of client in court includes following services:
  • legal analyses of the case, formulation of legal opinion regarding the dispute;
  • drafting and submitting to the court necessary pleadings (claim, cross claim, counter claim, answer, reply, petition, application etc.);
  • representation of client’s interests in session  of the court;
  • drafting amicable agreement (if necessary);
  • obtaining court decision (delineation, decree).
Drafting documents for submitting to the court by the client on a stand-alone basis:
  • drafting claims, counter claims, cross claims;
  • drafting different procedural documents (petitions, applications, explanations etc.);
  • drafting petitions for appeal, cassation appeals etc.
Executive proceeding:
  • drafting necessary documents and submitting them to State Executive Services;
  • representation of clients’ interests in State Executive Services and other state agencies regarding execution of court decisions.
If you have any questions regarding our legal services, please contact us by phone (+38044)228-41-90, (+38067)503-28-30 or via e-mail