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Contract law and labor law

Contract law and labor law

We offer all the scope of legal services related to conclusion, execution and termination of all types of agreements including external economic agreements. We are drafting and reviewing agreements and other legal documents in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. Particularly, we provide following kinds of services in the area of contract law:


  • Complex legal support of conclusion, alteration and termination of agreements in line with client’s interests;
  • Conducting pre-contractual negotiations on behalf of client;
  • Drafting all types of agreements including external economic agreements and contracts governed by foreign law;
  • Drafting pre-contractual documents (memorandums of understanding, preliminary agreements etc.);
  • Legal analyses of concluded agreements and drafts of agreements, legal examination of separate clauses of contracts;
  • Supporting notarization of contracts and another documents;
  • Supporting state registration of contracts (particularly, real-estate sale and purchase agreements, land sale and purchase agreements, real estate lease agreements, land lease agreements, loan agreements with non-residents etc).

    Aside from that, we offer wide range of legal services in the area of labor law, including (but not limited): 

  • advising regarding different labor and employment law issues;
  • obtaining employment permissions for foreigners;
  • drafting personnel documents for employers (collective agreements, employment policies and procedures, stuff handbooks, job descriptions, regulations etc.);
  • representation of client’s interests in the course of labor disputes;
  • legal support of employees termination, bringing to discipline liability or liability for damages;
  • legal analyses of client’s personnel documents;
  • representation of clients in the course of labor inspections;
  • drafting employment agreements 

If you have any questions regarding our legal services, please contact us by phone (+38044)228-41-90, (+38067)503-28-30 or via e-mail