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Real-estate transactions

Real-estate transactions

In the area of real-estate transactions our lawyers provide following services for our clients:




  • legal support of real-estate sale and purchase transactions including sale and purchase of apartments, residential buildings, offices, non-residential buildings, warehouse spaces etc.;
  • legal support of lease agreements conclusion;
  • legal support of other transactions in the real-estate area (donation, barter, inheritance etc.);
  • drafting and reviewing concurrent agreements connected with real-estate (parking lots sale and purchase agreements, real-estate security services agreements, utility services agreements etc.);
  • drafting and legal support of land sale and purchase agreements, land lease agreements, advising regarding land law issues;
  • drafting and legal structuring of mortgage agreements;
  • legal support of real-estate transactions registration and documents of title registration;
  • legal examination of purchasing real-estate including legal examination of documents of title on real-estate units and land plots;
  • legal advising regarding privatization of real-estate units.
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