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Intellectual property and information technology law

Intellectual property and information technology law

Sphere of high technologies is one of the most prospective business fields both for Ukrainian companies and for foreign investors.

Our field of expertise is legal support of IT-outsourcing, software development, web-design, Internet-business, protection of intellectual property rights, data protection, information privacy and security.
We provide wide range of legal services in the areas of IT and IP law, including (but not limited):
  • Legal support of start-ups in the area of IT-outsourcing;
  • Development of effective business models for IT-business in Ukraine;
  • Provision of legal opinions on various legal issues related to IP and IT law (including opinions regarding protection IP rights, software development, data protection, legal and tax consequences of any transactions with IP rights etc.);
  • Drafting IP agreements, contracts for IT-companies (labor agreements regulating protection of IP rights, license agreements, agreements on the transfer of exclusive IP rights, franchise agreements, copyright agreements, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, agreements on software development etc.);
  • Registration trademarks, industrial designs, inventions, utility patterns, copyrights and related rights, agreements on the transfer of IP rights;
  • Representation of clients before the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial Property (UkrPatent), the World Intellectual Property Organization;
  • Resolution disputes regarding protection of IP rights, regarding contractual relations connected with intellectual property etc.
If you have any questions regarding our legal services, please contact us by phone (+38044) 228-41-90, (+38067) 503-28-30 or via e-mail